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Immune system: Health check - Ecinacea purpurea

  Immune system: Health check

How healthy is your immune system?
Please answer the following questions. You will obtain a brief evaluation of your immune system based on your answers in addition to some information and advice.

Do your often suffer from colds and flu? yes no
Do you often feel tired and exhausted? yes no
Do you take medication regularly? yes no
Do you exercise regularly? yes no
Do you spend time outdoors regularly? yes no
Do you tend to have cracked lips? yes no
Do you suffer from insomnia? yes no
Do your currently suffer from any diseases or illnesses? yes no
Do you have contact with many people on a regular basis? yes no
Are you often exposed to stressful situations? yes no
Is your diet balanced and rich in vitamin and minerals? yes no
Do you smoke? yes no
Do you tend to lose your temper? yes no

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Immune Support, Winter Ills and Chills