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View from Alfred Vogel's clinic at Teufen


Not all Echinaceas are the same.

Echinaforce is the only licensed Echinacea made from freshly harvested herbs for the highest level of actives.

Echinaforce strengthens the immune system which is why it is such a powerful cold and flu remedy. It is 100% natural and made only from organically grown plants within 24 hours of harvesting.

Research shows that complete effectiveness is achieved by the A.Vogel method of using only freshly picked herbs. We harvest and use our plants within 24 hours, to ensure the highest concentration of active ingredients to strengthen your immune system. That?s almost three times the effectiveness of the dry herbs used by most other Echinacea remedies.

Echinaforce ? The original and best.
It was Swiss naturopath Alfred Vogel, who first recognised that fresh, organic Echinacea purpurea had a positive effect on the immune system. He used it to create Echinaforce over 50 years ago and now, with the backing of clinical research, millions of people worldwide trust Echinaforce to strengthen their immune system and keep colds and flu at bay.

?Study: M. Tobler, H. Kirenb?hl, M. Egger, C. Maurer, U. B?hler: Characteristics of whole fresh plant extracts. Schweizerische Zeitschrift f?r ?GanzheitsMedizin 5, 257 - 266, 1994
A.Vogel A.Vogel A.Vogel
50 years Echinacea